6 Celebrities Rumored To Be Homosexuals And Lesbians (Photos)

While some celebrities such as Joji Baro and Binyavanga Wainaina have openly come out as gay, others have had rumors about their sexuality appear in tabloid sites and gossip rags for years.

Celebrities such as Sauti Sol’s Willis Chimano have faced gay rumors, but he is not the only celebrity who has faced these nasty rumors.

Here are some celebrities who have been labeled as gay and for some,  these rumors are spot on! Can you guess which ones?

1. Jimmy Gait: For a while, this rumor has flown around like  a bird in captivity and the lip gloss he lavishes his lips with certainly does not weaken the rumor.




2. Fena Gitu She may have sang about an African King, but word on the street is that these talented songstress likes to have a queen on her bed.



3. Larry Madowo: I don’t know here this rumor originated from, but it has come close to being an open secret in the media fraternity.



4. Willis Chimano

He has the deepest manliest voice in Sauti Sol and is a certified chic-magnet, but he seems to be the only one ignoring the chics and prefers to keep them as bffs instead of taking them as lovers. For example, do you see how he ignored those sexy ladies in the ‘Nishike’ video, preferring to hog the spotlight instead of ‘shikaing’ the ladies?




5. Anto Neo Soul

Everyone who first heard him in ‘Chips Fiunga’ singing like an American Diva thought he was actually a chic, then lo and behold, they saw the video top it and realized it was a man.The rumor about him being gay should be however taken with a grain of salt as it must have been created by a rival.



6. Maina Kageni


There have been widespread rumors of his sexual orientation and a former Ghafla writer sought to verify the rumor and this is how things went down:

Ghafla: There have been rumours that have been circulating for the longest time now that question your sexual orientation. So, Maina are you gay?

Maina:Why are people hung up on this after all these years?

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