And Now The Video Of Jaguar’s Expensive South African Wedding Is Out

Last week, there were two stories that broke out about Jaguar; one of Kenya’s most prolific singers. One was about a video that came out in which he along with some of Kenya’s most reknown and infamous youthful politicians were talking nonsense and the other story was about a series of photos of his wedding.


Now then, the video of the nuptials is finally out and trust that I would be the first to put it up. Anyway, away from all the hype about the video for just a minute: Jaguar responded to the video I alluded to earlier and you can check out his response here.

And now, back to our regular scheduled program. The lad has released the video of the nuptials and trust that it had all the big German luxury cars you and I can only dream about. Check out the video below:





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