Capital FM’s Amina Opens Up About Perverts Who Told Her They Only Found Her Sexy Because She Was Pregnant (VIDEO)

I don’t often borrow things from Capital Fm’s website. I mean, why should I? I am Uncle Chim Tuna and we are Ghafla. However, once in a while, they have something I cannot help but borrow. Such this video in which Amina Abdi, the Cushite cutey that carried DJ John Rabar’s child was talking about the type of men I work with, men who find pregnant women sexy.



You know that pregnancy fetish tip? Well, my colleague Chege Miati does. He shares this fetish. Anyway, Amina was talking infront of the Capital FM camera (for their website) and she opened up about everything pertaining to her pregnancy and such boring stuff but she got to the interesting part:


For the most part, the video is a waste of time but seeing as I have suffered said waste, allow me to tell you that the juicy segment comes in at approximately 4:08 minutes into the interview when she opens up about being hit on by men and she thought it was because she was glowing only to discover that pregnancy fetish is a real thing…



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