Check Out Nick Mutuma’s Awesome New German Machine (PHOTO)

Nick Mutuma seems to have been doing exceptionally well. And that is down to his hassle and hardwork. The lad has been galavanting all around Africa to that end with his co-host Sarah Hassan and now he is reaping the benefits of the sweat.


Lad has been getting around in a Vits but he has upgraded to a sturdy German made automobile and you know what they say about German vehicles aye? Well all that precision is now infused into his ride of choice.

And why not celebrate this? I ask this question to all the haters and naysayers out there who have been mumbling under their breathe about such tales which unless tall are quite fine by me. The lad pnow knows a thing or two about driving what many Kenyans would consider a luxury vehicle -well, not me but most.


And that is good stuff! Showing that Kenya’s showbiz industry has room for growth even if at a micro level.

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Nwasante Khasiani (Writer)