Ghafla Reveals How DJ Crème De La Crème Got Arrested In the States; Who Snitched On Him and Why He Is On His Way Back To Kenya

News reaching us from the U.S.A is that one of Kenya’s leading DJ’s Crème De La Crème was put behind bars after landing at the Dallas Foxworth airport.

Crème had jetted into the U.SA. to perform at an annual Kenyan event called the Dallas Memorial weekend which Vera Sidika was also expected to host and soon after he was expected to hold a myriad of other shows across major states in the US.

Vera Sidika through her snap chat has since cancelled and it looks Creme will also not be making an appearance in the land of milk and honey. Actually according to news first broken by Tuko, this said visit actually landed him in a cell. We have since gotten the juice of everything so continue reading to sip all of it.




According to a Dallas-based promoter named Charles Tall Oliver who runs the Genge entertainment franchise, Crème was intercepted and arrested at DFW after a rival promoter informed the authorities that Crème using his visitor’s visa to perform in shows yet he did not have a work permit.

“I have some very urgent & sad news. Dj Crème De La Crème landed safely in DFW today from Kenya via Dubai on an Emirates flight. He texted me to inform me he had landed, I told him I was out there waiting for him to clear with immigration. Unfortunately he did not go through immigration and he is being held at DFW. He called me at 3 p.m informed me what was going on, how they had information about his planned shows mpaka wako na fliers. Why would a Kenyan subject another Kenyan to such, lets compete fair and square, all the Kenyan djs & artists performing during memorial weekend tunajua visa zao vile ziko, so ukichomea Creme na tunajua hawa wasanii wote pia wanaweza kua na same problem inasaidia nini, these guys coming from home are just trying to make something they support their families back home.” Tall revealed in part.




We sought to find out more information about this incident from our close sources and are even closer to Creme and this is what they revealed.

Apparently, the promoters approached Crème for the Dallas show and told him that they would cater for everything, get him the work visa and everything he needed to go do the U.S.A tour on the road.

They took long to secure all the permits and time was running out as the show was on 27th May.

Since time was not on their hands, the promoter suggested that Crème gets a tourist visa that will enable him to at least get into the States where he would confirm the gigs together with the promoter.

He got a tourist visa and flew to the States as planned, but when he got to Dallas, immigration officers stopped him, and unfortunately the immigration department was onto him and had all the information including poster evidence that implicated him. This was all thanks to a snitch who also spitefully revealed to the authorities that Crème was a glorified ‘porn star’ back in his home country.

According to our reliable source, the snitch was one Kelly Ochieng/DJ Kellz who was working with Crème’s promoter Oliver Tall on the Dallas show . Kelly allegedly sabotaged Crème and his promoter’s gigs after issues came up and so he wanted to put them out of business. It seems that he succeeded as Crème couldn’t get past DFW so he is flying back to Kenya as we speak.

We are still trying to contact DJ Kellz for his side of the story, keep it Ghafla as this story unfolds.

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