If You Have Ever Dreamed Of Furthering your Studies, Caroline Mutoko Has A Plan For You -And It’s Free!

I dropped out of university. My mother recently asked me whether I regretted my decision to drop out of university and the honest answer for me, my truth, Uncle Chim Tuna’s truth is “No!”.
Working at Ghafla with Baba Ghafla has afforded me more opportunities than I would ever have had if I had a degree.

But my truth is not universal. pThere are people who owe their stations in life to the education they received at a tertiary level. I know plenty of people like that. And the fact that this is being written as my friend and colleague Kanja is graduating from USIU today is just one example that makes this article prudent.

Well, Caroline Mutoko has a plan for everyone who ever wanted to build their resume of studies. Anyone who has craved education but for one reason or another was unable to pursue it because I for one know full well that not everyone is able to enjoy the luxury of rejecting education and still ending up well off like I am.

And with that long winded introduction to the topic at hand allow me to share this:





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