10pm Curfew Is Not Enough!- Tedd Josiah Gives Reasons Why Kenyans Are Still Suffering Even After Ease Of Restrictions

It’s clear that a good number of people had anticipated the ease of COVID-19 restrictions by the president during his speech on Labour Day. Even though he met most people’s expectations, not everyone is doing well afterwards. Most people lost jobs their jobs and businesses closed.

Music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah reveals how immensely people are still suffering even after the ease of the restrictions. Being a single dad and a business man, Tedd felt a pinch during the lockdown and curfew.

On his Instagram, Tedd wrote;

”10pm curfew isn’t anything to really celebrate. Jobs that were lost means there’s still a lot of families living in hunger and poverty. It means people in employment aren’t getting there full salaries and a lot of Kenyans are basically being shoved right back into MASS POVERTY and ECONOMIC GENOCIDE!”

Kenyans Need Jobs!

The Jo Ka Jok CEO suggested possible solutions by the government that could help netizens. He continued;

”How can we as a people mitigate this?
– 1. JOBS JOBS JOBS – were you can buy Kenyan then buy Kenyan products and brands.
– 2. For those who can travel and do safaris wether beach ???? or bush ???? ???? then do a couple of nights in those places cause tourism is a major employer of our people and without your patronage those workers suffer low pay or joblessness. Let’s be loving enough to check on our friends from time to time and were we can help even if the help is as little as taking time off to talk to them. Right now mental illness, HPB, and a lot of stress related illnesses are on the rise.
Love ???? Kenya ???????? enough to buy from our people, keep our people employed and love on our people.”


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