Meet the TV presenter that ruined it all over a rich mubaba

Former Ramogi TV presenter Stella Brenda Ochieng recently opened up about her regrets regarding her relationship and marriage to a wealthy older man.

In a candid conversation on Simy Kenya’s Luo podcast, the 35-year-old mother of two shared her experience of being swept off her feet by a 60-year-old suitor.


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For Brenda, age was just a number, and she saw no issue with falling in love with a man nearly twice her age, especially one who lavished her with luxuries and opulence.

Despite enjoying a life of abundance with her affluent partner, Brenda made the decision to leave her job in radio and become a homemaker at his request, believing in his promises of financial support and stability.

“I moved to Nairobi and married a 60-year-old man. I loved him. We stayed for two years but then we separated,” she revealed.


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However, their relationship took a downturn when Brenda secured a job at Lolwe TV, prompting her ex-husband to discourage her from accepting it, citing her pregnancy with their child. Although he initially promised to match her earnings, he eventually reneged on this commitment.

“Life was good while our love flourished. I enjoyed the life of a princess, living in Lang’ata and being chauffeured around. But things changed dramatically when he kicked me out of his house on November 23, 2018,” Brenda recounted.

Left with no home or plan, Brenda and her children returned to her parents’ house for support and shelter.

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