Nicah calls out Ringtone for thirsting after her in her DMs

Image: Nicah the Queen

Following the breakup between gospel singer Nicah The Queen and her partner DJ Slahver, prospective suitors are DMing and calling her phone in an attempt to woo her.

She does, however, seem to be publicly calling out in a brief rebuttal.

A day after announcing her breakup with her fiancé, the gospel singer used to Instagram to criticise Ringtone for contacting her at odd hours.

“Lakini @ringtoneapoko saa hii ni saa ngapi unanipigia???kwanza na WhatsApp??? Ama unanitaka🤣🤣🤣🤣 eeeeeh saa hii Mimi siwezani na soprano ya mkisii🙄🙄🙄

Fans of her on social media, such as Milly Chebby, don’t believe her narrative and maintain that Nicah is pursuing fame before putting out a song.

According to Milly Chebby: “TOA HII KITU BWANA 😂😂😂

Nicah replied, “@millychebby aki si song wa Mwangi😂😂😂😂,” implying that there was genuine beef.

This may also be the case given that Nicah exposed Emma Jalamo earlier this year in a similar manner.

In January of this year, she came clean and admitted that the Luo Benga singer had been offering her trips and money.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Nicah addressed the Ohangla singer and said that Emma’s relentless pursuit of Slahver had an impact on her life.


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