Nicholas Kioko’s girlfriend concealed their connection from her parents

Ashley Wambui, Nicholas Kioko’s partner and a rising YouTuber and brand influencer, revealed that she never informed her parents about her relationship with Kioko, let alone their decision to live together.


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The couple, who are parents to twin boys, shared insights into their living situation during a Q&A session on Wambui’s YouTube channel. When asked how she convinced her parents to allow her to move in with her partner, Wambui explained that she didn’t need to convince them because they were unaware of her relationship.

“I didn’t even have to convince them or inform them that I had found someone, let alone that I had moved in with him. They found out later on,” she disclosed.


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Wambui recounted the moment when her mother called her to confirm the news of her living arrangements and her partner’s ethnicity, to which she seemed to have no major objections.

“Haiya, Wambo, are you married? Okay, you’re living with Kioko? A Kamba? Okay,” Wambui recalled her conversation with her mother from last year.

Kioko humorously impersonated Wambui’s mother, mimicking her inquiry about their relationship in a spot-on impression of an older Kikuyu woman. Wambui confirmed that the reenactment was accurate, emphasizing that she never formally discussed her relationship with her mother.


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“Yeah, that’s exactly how it happened! I didn’t go and say, ‘Mom, I’ve found someone and what-not.’ No, I didn’t do any of that,” affirmed Nicholas Kioko’s partner, Ashley Wambui, with a laugh.

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