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20 year old Georgina Njenga opens up about pregnancy says, “It was not supposed to be this soon”

March 31, 2022 at 14:47
20 year old Georgina Njenga opens up about pregnancy says,  “It was not supposed to be this soon”

Georgina Njenga and ex Kids TV star Baha from Machachari are pregnant with their first child; and from their YouTube Chanel, we want to believe that they’re already in the second trimester.

Their pregnancy however came as a big surprise especially after seeing how well they were doing with their show. But again, adding a new member to their small family isn’t so bad – after all – they’re both last borns who never got to experience life with younger siblings.

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Georgina and Tyler announce pregnancy

Speaking to fans in recent QnA session – Georgina Njenga revealed that she is ready for the baby; however this is not how she had planned for it. For her, having a baby at 20 years felt a bit ‘too soon‘ but all in all both her and Tyler are ready.

We have talked about having babies but it was not supposed to be this soon but we also had conversations that if ever happened we will be okay with having one

Baby fever after high school

We also understand that immediately after High school, Georgina started battling baby fever; something most young lovers tend to undergo – not knowing how hard parenthood is.

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Georgina Njenga

However judging from how this couple moves – many want believe that they are prepared for their unborn baby; and hopefully this new member will be another blessing to their team.

Anyway in a recent post shared on her gram, Georgina wrote a beautiful message to her unborn baby saying;

Everyday that passes nears the day I’ll finally meet you❤️😍No day passes without me saying a little prayer for you🥺❤️




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