22 year old woman who drowned alongside friend at Juja Dam identified (Photos)x

Tirus Maina, a 39-year-old contractor based in Thika hit headlines a week ago after his car drowned at a dam in the Titanic area in Juja, Kiambu county and from the reports – turns out he was not alone but in the company of a friend.

Well, as soon as the reports made it online – Kenyans on social media of course understood the situation and decided to maintain their silence – since you – iris whar iris and now that the 5 minutes of enjoyment cost them their lives….why rub it in. I mean, if this is what karma looks like – then believe me it’s really ugly.

Anyway now that it’s been a week, the family to lady said to have drowned alongside Tirus Maina have identified their daughter as Fridah Warau Kamuyu. From reports we understand that the young lady was just 22 years and from the position she was found in….these two were neither just friends or business associates.

Karma slaps different

Like I said, somethings don’t need to be addressed in black and white….which is why we leave you to make your own judgements on the the story.

However what we understand is that the late Fridah’s family maintain their silence on the matter while Tirus’ wife has chosen to distance herself and her kids from the ongoing drama surrounding husband’s death.

We know this since she not only excluded her name from his eulogy which by the way was written in 3 long sentences….more of like good riddance kind of stunt but in a polite way since the media has been following up on the story.

Fridah Warau Kamuyu short and bitter life

Well having had her life cut short at 22 years, I honestly cannot tell you the bitterness her parents and relatives have been experiencing since her demise.

I believe there is no parents who prays to burry their own child especially at early 20’s….that doesn’t settle well no matter the situation and seeing that the late Wamuyu also met her death while in the company of a married man…..aki wazazi wataambia watu nini….it’s just sad especially since they cannot get her side of the story and having also been found half naked while Tirus was fully naked makes it even worse for the parents.


At this point I guess it’s only fair to assume there were a lot of tears and heartache involved for Karma to struck this way….i mean, what are the chances?

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