2nd Kid Na Huna Kakitu-Andrew Kibe Attacks Frankie Just Gym It For Impregnating Corazon Kwamboka

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka and her lover Frankie Just Gym It are expecting their 2nd baby soon. While the two sweethearts are excited about their 2nd born baby, turns out, not everyone is really happy for them. With Andrew Kibe’s shenanigans still reigning, Frankie would not be spared.

Kibe’s predicament with Frankie is over the fact that he’s going to have yet another baby duo with another woman. This is going to be his fourth time to be a dad. He already has two sons with Maureen Waititu.

Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka expecting Baby Number 2 (Photos) | Pulselive  Kenya
Frankie and Corazon expecting another baby-Google

Kibe believes that Frankie’s aim is to impregnate multiple women. However, Frankie made his intentions known when he proposed to Corazon while they were in Zanzibar a few weeks ago.

Kibe’s Sentiments Against Frankie

The Rogue radio founder has not only scolded Frankie for impregnating Corazon; but has termed him as broke and foolish.

In his numerous videos attacking celebrities, Kibe stated;

”… 2nd kid na saa hiyo hauna kakitu buda. Umeona umepata dem umemuingiza ball. Aje bro? Kaa kuna watu wajinga, huyo Frankie is one of them. Na ni mjinga kupindukia. Ile side ako na watoi wawili, sai apa ako na watoi wawili. Bro, d*k inakusumbua…”

Kibe might have just ignited yet another beef with Frankie and his lover Corazon. Some celebrities tend to ignore his sentiments, while others deliver their harangues without hesitation.


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