4 SUVs for a girl! Huddah Monroe shows off her insane car collection (Photos)

Huddah Monroe is in love with European-made Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The petite Kenyan socialite owns four high-end SUV.

Huddah has four vehicles, she decided to show off her car collection in a rare post on Instagram. Her car collection comprises of Range Rovers, Audi Q7 and Toyota Landcruiser V8 2018 model.

Can’t show off 4th car

The Landcruiser V8 is the newest vehicle that Huddah Monroe owns, the socialite opened up about her love for big machines when she bought the V8 early this year.

“People see me alight from my Landcruiser V8, 2018 and they wonder, small Body Big Machine… I Love Big things, Big houses, Big D**ks, Big Big Big ..Big anything! I was born small, let me have it all Big. I Brag different coz my case different. BORN CHAMPION” wrote Huddah when she acquired the V8.

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