“5 other bedrooms are unoccupied” Huddah Monroe shows off 7 bedroom mansion she lives in (Photos)

Huddah Monroe is pitying homeless people who are spending cold nights out in the street this rainy season. The socialite shared photos of a mansion she lives in just to show how sorry she is for homeless people.

Huddah stays in a huge mansion that is too big for her to live alone. The petite socialite reveals that she stays in a 7-bedroom house.

Empty room in Huddah’s mansion
5 empty bedrooms

Huddah says she only occupies two bedrooms in her house will the rest are just empty. She expressed sorrow for street kids without a roof on their heads but ultimately stated that she couldn’t live with them.

“Just thinking i’m in a room – 7 bedrooms . 5 Empty and there are Homeless people out there in this rain esp the Street kids, yet i can’t live with them. MAY GOD almighty EASE their pain and their struggle,” wrote Huddah Monroe.



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