5 things Larry Madowo revealed on Friday night before he left the Trend for good

Larry Madowo held his last show on the Trend on Friday June 30th 2017. It was the longest show ever as it aired until 1.32am, July 1st.

Larry’s ‘goodbye’ show on the Trend was a show like no other, he hosted the likes of Jidenna, Janet Mbugua, Sauti Sol, Bebe Cool, Nameless, Edith Kimani, Boniface Mwangi, Willy Paul, Muthoni Drummer Queen etc on  a single night.

In his parting shot, Larry revealed 5 things about Trend and himself:

  1. He joined the Trend by accident

“After James Smart left, Smriti Vidyarthi was doing the show and when I rejoined NTV in December 2012 – what I like to call my second coming, Smriti was away one week and I was as yet anchoring the news, I was not on a regular schedule. So I offered to do the show that one time and she never took the show back because she didn’t doing it because at the time the Trend was a political and current affairs show,” Larry said.

  1. The Trend was shaped by Larry’s personality and the audience’s feedback

“It (the Trend) was shaped by my personality and interest of the team as it was influenced by so many of you who watched and reached out to us with your comments, ideas and criticisms – they made the show better.”

  1. Larry’s bosses don’t watch the Trend

“We never took ourselves seriously obviously… and I have always said that we are only on air because our bosses don’t watch, none of them are watching the show because they are all asleep at this time. And because of that we failed upwards and gave us an extra hour at 8pm to showcase more of our nonsense.”

  1. Larry was totally shocked when the Trend became most watched entertainment show in Kenya

“I only moved to Nairobi permanently in 2004, so it was a total shock to me that I occupied this place in the culture where I could be a taste maker and super fan of all the guest we’ve welcomed here.”


  1. The Trend is the greatest success for Larry Madowo

“I used to worry if I was cool enough, if people would ever accept me, if they would learn to pronounce my sir name right and would I ever amount to anything. And yet this is far greater than anything I could have imagined. It was all because of you the viewers who have made this undertaking worthwhile. I assembled possibly the youngest and hungriest team on television and they turned this into magic.”



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