Lilian Muli: What you read online about me is not true. Did someone clone me?

Did Lilian Muli bleach her skin? Is she paid a lot of money at Citizen TV?  She’s a lose woman who cheats. Her hubby once beat her up and ruined her face. She has a bad attitude.

Well, if you are familiar with such statements regarding Lilian Muli, she wants you to know you have been misled. Badly.

Taking to social media, the controversy-magnet news anchor said that a lot of things being said online about her don’t mirror her true personality.

“Everyday I read stuff about me that surprises and amuses me. I mean is that me y’all write and read about or did someone clone me? she said on Instagram just days after hinting she has rekindled her relationship with hubby Jared Neveton.

“Please find me that Lillian these guys write about and let me shake her hand she is so full of drama and so many people feed off it. That free Publicity is good but i’m not looking for fame.”


Muli, who has been a hot topic in all kinds of jaw-dropping discussions, urged Kenyans to stop the mongering and focus on things that can have a meaning.

“No popularity ever paid anyone’s bills unless it translates to a huge pay Cheque! But Thanks anyway. Let’s direct that energy to my new projects shall we???i will need your attention there. Panganga aka mdomo tuache.” Wrote Lillian Muli.


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