A suspected suicide has left a hospital attendant dead in Umoja

A hospital attendant at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi, identified as Peter Maina Ngima, aged 34, was found dead in his house in Umoja Three in what is suspected to be a suicide. Ngima, who worked as a patient attendant, had failed to report to work on Monday, February 19. After he could not be reached through his phone, his relatives were informed, and on February 20, they discovered his body hanging from the frame of a bathroom with an electric cable tied around his neck. Security officers were called in to move the body to the mortuary, pending an autopsy. Police are investigating the incident.

In Kasinga sublocation, Machakos county, a 66-year-old man, Julius Ndolo Mbuthe, died by suicide by hanging himself in his bedroom using a sisal rope. A suicide note was recovered, stating that he took his life due to the problems he was facing. The body was taken to the mortuary for autopsy.

In Kakui village, Kilome, a 17-year-old boy died by suicide by hanging himself using a manila rope. His body was found hanging from a tree branch, accompanied by a suicide note detailing various reasons for his actions. The body was taken to the Kilungu subcounty hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Suicide cases have been increasing in various parts of the country, prompting efforts to address the issue by the government and other agencies. The majority of victims are men, and factors contributing to suicides include joblessness, relationship issues, academic failures, financial difficulties, mental health conditions, and substance misuse. Globally, close to 800,000 people die from suicide each year, with 78% of cases occurring in low- and middle-income countries. In Kenya, mental illness is estimated to affect one in every 10 people, rising to one in every four among patients attending routine outpatient services. A task force on mental health in Kenya recommended declaring mental illness a national emergency, prioritizing mental health as a public health agenda, and providing adequate financing for mental health services.

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