A woman is murdered in Kitui County, and her head disappears, shocking everyone

In Kitui County, the lifeless body of Margaret Kavisa John, aged 48, was discovered without her head, sparking concerns of a grisly murder.

Her remains were found sprawled along the roadside at Mbagwani village in Kakongo sub-location, Kairungu location of Mwingi Central subcounty, in the early hours of Monday.

Joseph Ole Napeiyan, the Eastern Regional Police Commander, disclosed that the incident was reported to Mwingi police station as a case of murder at 2:03 am.

According to Napeiyan, an administrator alerted authorities about the suspected attack and possible killing at Mbagwani village. Both Mwingi police and DCI teams promptly responded to the call.

Upon reaching the scene, law enforcement officers discovered Margaret’s body bearing multiple sharp cuts, presumably inflicted by a machete. Shockingly, her head was severed and missing.

Personal belongings, including a KRA PIN form and a travel bag containing clothing, were recovered at the site and secured as evidence.

Margaret’s body was transferred to Mwingi Level 4 Hospital mortuary for preservation pending autopsy.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations, alongside detectives from Mwingi Central police station, initiated a thorough investigation into the incident.

As of press time, no suspects had been apprehended in connection with the case.

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