Ababu Namwamba redirects Sanaipe Tande’s question about money to Kalasha Awards team

Following criticism from artists and concerns over delayed payments, the promised prize money for the 12th edition of the Kalasha International Film and TV Awards is finally moving forward.

Sports and Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba confirmed that the funds have been dispersed to the Kenya Film Commission (KFC). He assured the public that the money is “safely” with the commission and will be released to the winners soon.

Timothy Owase, CEO of KFC, echoed Namwamba’s statement, confirming receipt of the funds and stating that they will begin disbursing the money next week.

This comes after several artists, including singer Sanaipei Tande and costume designer Fatuo Hassan, publicly expressed their disappointment and frustration regarding the delay in prize money payment.

The initial award amount of Sh100,000 per winner was doubled by Namwamba during the awards ceremony, raising expectations and further amplifying the disappointment when the money failed to materialize.

With the funds now in the hands of the KFC and a confirmed disbursement plan in place, the Kalasha Award winners can finally expect to receive their long-awaited prize money. This positive development will hopefully restore faith and confidence in the awards program and its commitment to recognizing and rewarding Kenyan talent.

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