Abel Mutua Celebrates Wife’s Birthday With Sweet Message

Kenyan comedian Abel Mutua took to social media to celebrate his wife’s birthday, just one day after the couple marked their 15th wedding anniversary. In a lighthearted and playful post, Mutua playfully teased his wife about her youthful appearance, despite their years of togetherness.

“Baby!!!!! 不不不不不不 See who is not young anymore. 不不不不 Hivyo ndio Umeondokea youth! Sasa Wewe ni Mwanamke mwenye umri wa makamo. 不不不不,” he joked.

Mutua continued to praise his wife’s timeless beauty, even suggesting that she could still pass as a high school student. “But you’re aging so well, Baby. Wewe Hata ukishonewa uniform ya brown Ngiriambu Girls wanakuchukua intake next. Happy Birthday Mama Mumbus. I Love you!!! ,” he wrote.

In a separate joint Instagram post, the couple shared a heartwarming message to commemorate their 15th anniversary. “15 years later. God has been so good to us,” they captioned the post.

Earlier this year, Judy Mutua opened up about her experience getting pregnant while studying at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC). She revealed to Oga Obinna in an interview that she knew she was pregnant before experiencing any traditional symptoms.

“A week before we closed school, I had started to feel strange. I felt that my body was not normal. I started to feel that there was something here. The morning sickness had not yet started,” Judy explained.

She further described how her intuition guided her to the realization of her pregnancy. “Two weeks after I got home I started to feel bad. I saw there is something here, there must be something here. There was no morning sickness yet but I was already starting to feel something.”

Judy’s story highlights the unique bond between a mother and her unborn child, even before the mother is fully aware of the pregnancy. Her intuition and maternal instincts played a significant role in recognizing the subtle changes within her body.

As Abel and Judy Mutua celebrate their love and milestones, their story serves as an inspiration to couples everywhere. Their 15-year journey together demonstrates the power of commitment, understanding, and the enduring love that can blossom between two souls.

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