Abel Mutua’s cheeky message to his wife

Image: Black love: Abel Mutua with wife, Judy

A day after commemorating their 15 years of marriage, Abel Mutua is enjoying his wife’s birthday. He boasted on social media about how young she appeared.

“Baby!!!!! 不不不不不不 See who is not young any more. 不不不不 Hivyo ndio Umeondokea youth! Sasa Wewe ni Mwanamke mwenye umri wa makamo. 不不不不,”he joked.

Adding,“But youre aging so well Baby. Wewe Hata ukishonewa uniform ya brown Ngiriambu Girls wanakuchukua intake next. Happy Birthday Mama Mumbus. I Love you!!! .”

Announcing their anniversary, the pair posted a united photo to Instagram.

“15 years later. God has been so good to us.”

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