Akothee sheds light on Nelly Oaks’ relationship with her baby daddies

Renowned Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, has shed light on her partner Nelly Oaks’ relationship with her children’s fathers.

Addressing concerns raised by some netizens regarding Nelly Oaks, who also serves as her manager, and his feelings towards her relationships with her children’s fathers, Akothee assured that Nelly is fully aware of her family situation and maintains good relations with her children’s fathers.


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“Don’t take my life too seriously, just laugh. Let go of the questions like ‘Where is Nelly?’

Let me clear your minds. Nelly is very aware of my family situation; he gets along well with my children’s fathers. Indeed, when I become incomprehensible, they seek advice from him,” Akothee affirmed.

She went on to commend her partner for his maturity and emphasized the respect they share for each other and their relationship.


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“They know he’s the only one who understands my language. So relax and let us plan together,” she expressed.

Akothee further praised Nelly for his maturity, highlighting his understanding and appreciation for their relationship.

“I have never seen anyone as mature as Nelly in my life. I told you, if Nelly holds me, I would lie and say I flirted with that guy.

He knows how much I love him and respect him, as well as our relationship. Keep standing by me, my love. If you try to test me, let a bird fly you away,” she remarked.

These statements come after Akothee recently vented about some events involving one of her children’s fathers on social media.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks have long been speculated to be more than just work partners, often hinting at a romantic connection.

About four months ago, during a live session on TikTok where Akothee addressed her fans while Nelly Oaks prepared a special meal, they shared affectionate moments, with Akothee referring to him as ‘babe’ and Nelly expressing that he is committed to her.

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