Actress Sandra Dacha Reveals The Petty Reason She Was Dumped By Ex-Boyfriend

Actress Sandra Dacha has divulged about her past relationship and the hillarious manner that it ended. The mother of one spoke in a recent interview with TV 47, sharing her past struggles before fame.

Her ex-boyfriend doubles up as a militaty guy monikered Dave, but they ended up separating because of a fridge!

“I used to have a boyfriend. I used to stay in Donhom at that time. he was a soldier. You know he left me for buying a bigger fridge. Alienda mission akarudi akpata nyumba imejaa vitu mpya hapa n apale akashindwa huyu msichana ametoa pesa wapi, she began.

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She further stated how dissapointed she was with the excuse of the guy; adding that she has never revealed his name until now;

“I came to learn that men feel intimidated. In his house vitu hazikuwa kama zangu so he left me. That was my lowest by the way. I felt so bad, Dave wherever you are. I have never revealed his name by the way until now,” she said.

Dacha, having learnt her lesson, claimed that she would never cry over a man or beg to be in a relationship since the lesson taught her how to be strong & independent.
However, Dacha has on several occasions confessed her love for comedian Akuku Danger; whom they shoot content together.

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