Khalif Kairo Comes Clean On His Wealth After Being Linked With Money-Laundering Accusations

Fast growing with popularity, young businessman Khalif Kairo has stunned netizens with his accumulated wealth. At the age of just 27, the flamboyant businessman has surpassed what most youth his age have achieved.

Known for his business of selling both used & new cars, the young boss has milked millions in the business.
For the latter reason, a couple of netizens doubt his boss moves.
Khalif has been accused of using unscrupulous means to get his millions and start such a lucrative business.
To begin with, Khalif has been linked to rumours of being a drug Lord. He has been accused of meeting up with other drug Lords from abroad with an aim of joining them in the business.

Secondly, Khalif is alleged to be among the goons who have thrived in the money-laundering business. Some refer to it as ‘wash wash’.
But Khalif has now come clean to calibrate the accusations.While in a recent interview on Iko nini podcast, Khalif maintained that he has instilled hardwork in his business, stating that he started indulging in the business 10 years ago, after finishing high school.

“People forget that I ventured into the car business 10 years ago. Money laundering can’t sustain the life I live. You can’t be in that business and still visit countries such as the U.S., where the FBI would have you on their radar,”¬†said Kairo.

Despite Khalif being a successful young entrepreneur, his business & money remain a doubt to a section of netizens

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