“Actually Pierra is a good friend of mine” DJ Mo finally addresses rumors he’s the father of Pierra Makena’s daughter

Most people have admitted that DJ Mo’s daughter and Pierra Makena’s daughter look alike. This is the genesis of claims that DJ Mo is also the father of Pierra Makena’s daughter.

DJ Pierra Makena has refused to unmask her baby daddy leaving room for speculations. Her daughter Ricca Pokot and DJ Mo’s daughter Ladasha Belle tend to look alike.

Some people claim Mo could have also fathered Pierra’s daughter. The gospel DJ however dismisses these allegations as mere jokes.

We laugh about it with Pierra

Mo says Pierra Makena and him are only good friends. Speaking on Dr. Ofweneke’s ‘The Tonight Show’ on Ebru TV, Mo said he laughs whenever someone says he is Pierra’s baby daddy.

He reiterates that he’s not Ricca Pokot’s father. Mo further says he jokes with Pierra about him fathering Ricca through osmosis.

“No am not the father. Actually Pierra is a good friend of mine. Like the other day we were laughing and am like kwani this thing happened and we didn’t know. It happened through osmosis,” Mo jokingly said.

Watch the clip below:


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