Advice to 23-year-old Kamene Goro: Things get better.

Image: Kamene Goro showing off

Despite being let go from popular radio station Kiss FM, media personality Kamene Goro continues to share her accumulated wisdom with those who admire her through her social media platforms.

In a recent interactive question and answer session, one of Kamene’s fans asked, “What advice can you give a 23-year-old turning 24 with no job, no relationship, and no savings?”

Kamene responded, saying, “It’s time to look at all your options and what you want to do vis a vis what you can do. It’s time to have a meeting with yourself and come up with a deliberate day-to-day plan on how to get to where you want to be. Be deliberate. It gets better, love.”

This advice comes shortly after Kamene’s discharge from the hospital following knee surgery. She shared the news of her discharge on her Insta stories, expressing gratitude for her support system and the lessons she has learned during this challenging phase of the year.

The former presenter underwent knee surgery on January 24, 2024, at the Karen Hospital to address a torn meniscus. In a video, she explained her apprehension about anesthesia and the challenges she usually faces during the post-surgery recovery period.

Kamene had previously revealed plans to undergo a knee implant procedure in August 2023 due to past complications. She clarified that her knee challenges were unrelated to her body size and emphasized that she had experienced three instances of meniscus tears.

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