Afrobeats Stars Collide: Tiwa Savage Files Petition Against Davido After Alleged Threats

Nigerian music superstars Tiwa Savage and Davido have made headlines for a concerning feud that has escalated into legal action. Following a public falling out, Tiwa Savage has filed a petition with the Lagos State Commissioner of Police alleging threats and harassment from Davido over her friendship with his baby mama, Sophia Momodu.

The petition paints a distressing picture, alleging that Davido’s displeasure with an Instagram Story featuring Tiwa and Momodu triggered a series of hostile communications. Tiwa claims Davido sent threatening messages via her manager, hurling disrespectful and derogatory remarks, even accusing her of “taunting” him.

“I responded to Mr. Adeleke’s message and told him not to reach out to me,” Tiwa states in the official report, highlighting her past support for Davido and his daughter. However, the situation allegedly escalated with phone calls and messages from intermediaries, conveying further threats from Davido.

According to Tiwa, Davido issued a chilling warning: “be careful in Lagos because he was going to f**k me up.” Tiwa interprets this as a blatant threat to her safety and well-being, characterizing Davido’s actions as a violation of her basic rights.

Citing sections of the Nigerian Constitution and Cybercrime Act, Tiwa’s petition seeks to hold Davido accountable for any potential harm to her or her family. This legal action casts a dark shadow over the once-cordial relationship between the Afrobeats giants, leaving fans and the industry at large in shock and anticipation of further developments.

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