After calling herself single, Akothee attacks everyone referring to her as such

Kenyan artist and businesswoman Akothee has released her new single “Simu,” but some netizens have misinterpreted the song’s lyrics to mean that she and her husband have broken up.

Akothee took to social media to address the rumors, saying that she is “not pleased” that people are waiting for her marriage to fail. She also questioned why she would create posters to announce that she is no longer married.

“Who organizes a poster to announce they are single?” she asked. “Stop diverting from the point, accept that I have dropped a club banger and it’s now on YouTube.”

Akothee is a well-known figure in Kenya, and her personal life is often the subject of speculation. However, she has made it clear that she is not interested in discussing her marriage with the public.

“My marriage is my business,” she said. “If I want to share something about it, I will.”

In the meantime, Akothee is urging her fans to focus on her music. “Go listen to my new song,” she said. “It’s a club banger!”

Early this year, Akothee wed the love of her life.

Denis Schweizer, popularly known as Omosh, wed at the Windsor Golf and Country Club in a lovely garden ceremony.

The couple, who were both dressed in white for the event, looked stunning.

Akothee wore a white Achkan, popularly known as a Sherwani, and looked lovely in her well-publicized Ksh 700K white garment.

The nuptials were among the most widely covered in Kenya.

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