After their initial visit, Ruth K remembers giving Mulamwah’s Sh9k bedsitter a facelift

A video featuring content creator Ruth K reminiscing about her initial visit to Mulamwah’s house has surfaced online, following the couple’s move to a larger space.

In the video, Ruth recounted her first experience at Kendrick’s residence.

She proceeded to share that upon arriving at Mulamwah’s house, she observed that everything had a distinct style.

However, she noted that the curtains in the comedian’s house at the time prompted her to consider giving the place a proper makeover. Ruth commended Mulamwah for consistently covering all expenses.

“The curtains I found here, even if it’s you, you would not stay in such a house. I don’t know if it was a miniskirt or a window cut, the ones that someone outside would see what you’re doing inside the house. The next day, I went shopping for curtains and sent a pay bill, asking him to pay for the curtains,” she narrated.

The mother of one also expressed her surprise at being in a place where everything was provided, yet the curtains did not look appealing.

Ruth further shared how Mulamwah warned her not to overdress while keeping the details of his residence undisclosed.

According to Ruth, her attempts to subtly impress Mulamwah on her first visit failed as she ended up feeling stranded.

“He kept asking, ‘What shoe are you wearing? What have you worn?’ I thought he wanted me to look great. I did not know he was trying to tell me not to look too smart. I wore a short dress, an off-shoulder, and shoes with ropes. I knew he would recognize me that day. But my shoes got stuck. And he reminded me that he advised me to wear something simple,” she shared.

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