Akothee Changes Her View On TikTok After Receiving ‘Gifts’ Worth Hundreds Of Thousands From Fans

Entrepreneur Akothee is back on TikTok and thriving! While organizing a major event for her Akothee Foundation, she’s also celebrating her birthday and leveraging the platform to raise funds for underprivileged children’s education.

Akothee actively engages with her fans through live sessions on TikTok. In return, her fans shower her with virtual gifts, demonstrating their immense support. Akothee boasts an impressive collection of nine “lions” – particularly valuable gifts on the platform. She also revealed her ranking as the 3rd most popular live streamer in Africa!

The generosity goes beyond lions. Akothee has received a variety of virtual gifts including money, vehicles (trains and planes), totaling over half a million in value.

“Let’s go to TikTok!” Akothee enthusiastically expressed her gratitude to fans. “There are amazing things happening there. Look how my fans celebrated my birthday and supported the Akothee Foundation! I’m also ranked Kenya’s #1 ‘First Lady to Say No,’ #3 in Live popularity across Africa, and #9 for Weekly Title.”

Despite the celebratory mood, some fans couldn’t resist mentioning Akothee’s past comments about TikTok being for youngsters. Akothee took it in stride, claiming it was a joke, and encouraged continued support for her charity.

Akothee now believes that Tik-Tok can indeed transform people’s lives; even though a section of netizens view it as a mere social media app.

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