Akothee claims her mzungu husband nearly killed her

Image: Akothee admitted to hospital

Recently, manager Nelly Oaks and well-known Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, also known as Akothee, took part in a live performance on Tiktok. During the live performance, Nelly Oaks was observed in the kitchen cooking for the singer who was conversing with him and the audience in the lounge.

The manager disclosed that he was cooking Akothee a special dinner for a special occasion. You’re not really allowed to enter the kitchen. For a remarkable individual like you, this is a special evening. When Akothee asked Nelly whether she could help in the kitchen, Nelly was overheard saying, “It’s a surprise.”

The mother of five was heard referring to Nelly as “bae”—a term that is frequently used by lovers—multiple times during that incident.

“It’s very good to be loved, I had gone there (to Schweizer) thinking it was, ati greener pastures, it burned me!!.. Ati mzungu wueh!!”

Speaking about her problems with her white ex-husband, she went on, adding,

“The white man almost killed me, I will come and explain to you one day.”

Women who confessed to being drawn to Akothee’s manager were also forcefully silenced during that time, with her manager telling them he had already found her and wasn’t ready for them. The singer pointed out that the white man was unmarried at the time and mockingly requested the women to search for her ex-husband, Denis Schweizer.

How come you are so attached to Nelly Oaks? Instead of going to buy Omosh, obtain Pakistani Omosh. It’s him who isn’t dating,” she remarked.

This occurs barely a few weeks after the mother of five children said that she and the Swiss man were married but that had gone tits up.

While sharing a live session with her admirers on social media, she gave confirmation of this. She revealed throughout the program that she divorced Omosh in June when they were still on their honeymoon.

“I’ve gone past those romantic connections. They have ceased to exist. I would want to inform you that in June, I ended that connection. I won’t go into depth though. I enjoyed my marriage, I enjoyed my wedding. It’s nothing that I regret. I chose to get married on my birthday in order to avoid having any regrets if things didn’t work out as planned.”

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