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Akothee Explains Why Online Dating Is A Scam

August 23, 2022 at 15:35
Akothee Explains Why Online Dating Is A Scam

Online dating has become a popular means that most people use to meet their life partners. As a matter of fact, nowadays it’s easy peasy to get a dude or a chick of your choice when you go online. Applications like Tinder and Tagged, among others, will definitely sort you out- and it’s a trick that most introverts use to make online friends and lovers.

For some like Akothee, online dating ain’t her cup of tea. And as she explains, there’s a lot of people catfishing and that’s why she doesn’t route for online dating.

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Akothee Speaks On Online Dating

Through a detailed post on her Instagram, she calibrated the same and admonished her crushes not to waste time in her DM;


”I have always warned my children even as far as meeting people they interact with online, Forget about dating ,even just being friends 🤔With my Stupid heart ,I have only believed the words Fans told me ,some stole my heart and I decided to give a helping hand, It became a debt. I invited some for holidays and they turned into real haters of life, some begged to meet me and proclaimed how much they loved me ,only to quench their meanness and turned me into a victim of their venoms 🙏, Since then. I learnt my lessons of how fake people are and how some people could afford to have double faces. I wonder how people find love by dating online , I wonder how I could slide into someone’s Dm and expect it to happen🤔, I literally fear men who parade and lick their lips 24/7 . I prefer to meet my man in real life in circle where I can trace their background. You could even meet your death in the name of LOVE .”

Don’t judge Akothee for her sentiments, most will agree with her about the latter, but a few end up falling in love with people they’ve met online. But Akothee doesn’t advocate for the same.


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