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Akothee opens up about getting suicidal because of mzungu baby daddy

July 25, 2022 at 13:14
Akothee opens up about getting suicidal because of mzungu baby daddy

Akothee already decided to make her life public for all her followers and I hear, most of the people supporting her on social media are single mums who hang on to the singer’s every word.

Maybe it’s because they can relate with some of her stories especially about deadbeat baby daddies who have put them.through hell. As you already know her first baby daddy, Jared has done nothing much for his 3 girls but either way gets to enjoy the title dad among other things.

Akothee with baby daddy

Then there are two more baby daddies responsible for the singer’s youngest boys but unfortunately one of the mzungu baby daddies turned out to be the singer’s worst nightmare. As revealed earlier – Akothee says this man put her through hell knowing very well she was pregnant with his baby.

Akothee’s unknown past

Speaking about her experience with this particular ex, Akothee opened up to reveal that this man made her dislike Switzerland; or rather made her quit livig Europe. For now she only visits for vacations or shopping but nothing more;

Akothee with son and baby daddy

I am not perfect, but trust me I am living the life I never imagined existed . Just don’t give up ,this same swizerland I am touring now , I was thrown out here 9 months pregnant back in 2008.🤣🤣🤣 Go back to Africa I have no energy nor family to take care of a pregnant woman, I am not even ready for a wife 🥺 ” said my baby daddy 👏💪

Apparently things got so bad that Akothee thought of ending her life – just to stop the suffering. And yea, this is how suicidal thoughts begin but luckily for Akothee it never got there simply because she had other kids to think of back home.

I thought of throwing myself on the passing trains, my kids were constantly calling me back in Kenya , especially Vesha, I stayed in the cold in basel SBB during winter time february to be precise 🙆‍♂️ all restaurants were closing and I was almost left alone for those in Europe you know what it feels at the tran stations late hours when trains are shutting down 🥺🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, we the ECHO.,since then I disconnected with living in Europe . I don’t envy nothing, I come here do my thing and back to AFRICAAAAA ❗️
Good morning sweetie ~Always stand up for yourself, no one has your back like you , #Akotheequotes ❗️Super proud .

Years later, Akothee is proud to have kept pushing on and standing up for herself. If not for such experiences – Madam boss wouldn’t have come this far!


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