Akothee Opens Up About Undergoing Therapy After Traumatic Experience

Kenyan singer and philanthropist Ákothee has opened up about undergoing therapy after a traumatic experience that put her “in a very dangerous zone.”

In a long message on Instagram, Akothee shared that she has been healing in private for two months. She described the trauma as being so severe that she went days without food or sleep, and questioned her sanity.

Akothee said that parenthood has been her anchor during this difficult time. She praised her children, mother, and best friend for their support, and said that she is grateful for their strength.

Akothee also expressed hope that she serves as a safe space for her children despite feeling a bit down. She said that she would not have made it through this without her loved ones.

Akothee’s story is a reminder that even the strongest people can go through difficult times. It is also a reminder that it is okay to ask for help when you need it. Therapy can be a valuable tool for healing from trauma and other mental health challenges.

We wish Akothee all the best in her healing journey.

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