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Akothee Reveals Her Main Reason For Not Be-Friending Women

September 28, 2022 at 15:09
Akothee Reveals Her Main Reason For Not Be-Friending Women

Without a doubt, Akothee is one of the most sought after female celebrities, and her antics in speaking out her mind are impeccable, and to some, admirable.

Despite having tumultuous relationships and marriages, Akothee isn’t one to tolerate nonsense from friends, especially women.

Opening up about her previous life experience, the musician shared a detailed message on her gram, claiming that she’s not scared of losing friends;

”Something happened to me like 3 years ago . I nolonger fear people walking out of my life or even accepting me the way I am,I nolonger welcome new friends in my life especially females 🙄 If you knew me before Fame I will keep you ,after fame it’s all social climbing game 💪 joka you didn’t post me and post for me this that 🙄 . I no longer feel pressure to say no ,I say it without feeling guilty, I nolonger wait for validation,if you like me okey if you don’t like me it’s also okey all I care for is that I love myself Soo much that you will not hold for long before you like me back, it’s you who know what you don’t like about me ,but I don’t even care because I don’t want to know. I nolonger call those who don’t call or check up on me , I don’t attend impromptu invitations 🤣🤣🤣. In my businesses ,yes I micromanage all my businesses,and will never let go off my hands ,human beings are full of talks than actions .I am the vision bearer of my dreams so I will hold onto it until I achieve my goals.


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