Akothee Weighs In on Kenya-Tanzania Rap Beef

Kenyan singer Akothee has weighed in on the ongoing Kenya-Tanzania rap beef, siding with Tanzanians.

In a series of posts on her Instagram, Akothee said that she has a large fan base in Tanzania and that she does not want to be involved in the feud. She also advised Kenyan artists who struggle with speaking fluent Swahili to focus on improving their writing skills so that Tanzanians can understand them better.

Akothee also spoke about colorism in the entertainment industry, saying that Tanzanian fans often judge artists based on the shade of their skin. She said that this is unfair to many Kenyan artists who are black.

Akothee’s comments have been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised her for speaking out, while others have criticized her for taking sides.

The Kenya-Tanzania rap beef began last week when Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones released a diss track aimed at Tanzanian rapper Harmonize. Harmonize responded with his own diss track, and the two artists have been trading barbs ever since.

The beef has divided fans on both sides of the border. Some people believe that it is a harmless way for the artists to promote themselves, while others believe that it is disrespectful and harmful to the East African music industry.

It is unclear how the beef will end, but it is clear that it has sparked a lot of debate about the state of hip hop in East Africa.

In addition to the points mentioned in the article, Akothee also highlighted double standards from Kenyan fans, saying that they do not show support until it suits them. She said that Kenyan fans are quick to criticize Kenyan artists, but they are quick to praise Tanzanian artists.

Akothee’s comments are a reminder of the challenges that Kenyan artists face in the East African music industry. They are often criticized for their race, their accent, and their music. However, Akothee’s support for Tanzanian artists is a sign that there is still hope for Kenyan hip hop.

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