Akothee’s Husband Deactivates Instagram Account

Rumors have been swirling online about Akothee’s husband, Dennis Schweizer. Amidst tales of their separation and Akothee battling depression, Schweizer has deactivated his Instagram account.

It is unclear if the account has been temporarily deactivated or permanently deleted, but it is no longer available when searched for.

Schweizer’s account had over 72,000 followers, who were drawn to his relationship with Akothee and his gentle demeanor.

Akothee has also deleted Schweizer’s name from her Instagram bio and changed her handle back to “Akothee Kenya.” She has also added a few more titles to her bio, repackaging herself as a successful entrepreneur.

Rumors suggest that Akothee herself deactivated Schweizer’s account, as she has admitted to being able to access his direct messages and having control of his page in the past.

It is unclear what is going on in Akothee’s personal life, but it is evident that things are not well. We wish her and her family all the best.

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