Akothee’s Sister Cebbie Koks Hints At Marital Turmoil After Deleting Husband’s Photos

Just weeks after their fairytale wedding, murmurs of potential trouble cloud the union of influencer Cebbie Koks Nyasego and lawyer Steve Ogolla. Cebbie’s vibrant social media, once a canvas of their marital bliss, now paints a picture of a possible fracture.

Following their lavish December 28th ceremony, Cebbie’s Instagram overflowed with stunning photos and videos capturing their joyous journey. But lately, an unsettling tide has swept across her online haven.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed a stark transformation: Cebbie unfollowed her husband, banished all wedding and vacation photos, and even shed the “Mrs. Ogolla” title, reverting to her maiden name, Elseba Awuor Kokeyo. These deliberate edits fuel speculation of discord brewing behind the curtain.

Adding fuel to the fire, the ever-watchful internet community spotted Cebbie’s unwavering commitment to her wedding ring, hinting at a possible reconciliation or a complex emotional tapestry yet to be unveiled.

Whispers of a rift first emerged in mid-2023, only to be quelled by Cebbie’s sweet birthday message to Ogolla in October. Yet, that very post has mysteriously vanished from her feed, further stirring the rumor mill.

In stark contrast, Ogolla’s online presence remains a tapestry of shared memories, with Cebbie prominently featured and their “following” status firmly intact.

While the truth behind these cryptic online clues remains shrouded in speculation, one thing is certain: the once picture-perfect union of Cebbie and Ogolla has taken a sudden, surprising turn. Are these mere digital adjustments, or a reflection of a deeper turmoil? Only time and, perhaps, a candid update from either party will provide answers.

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