Alex Mathenge Advices Couples To Sire Children At An Early Stage Regardless Of Financial Status

Kenyan social media is abuzz with contrasting viewpoints on parenthood, thanks to a fiery exchange between two prominent figures: beauty mogul Huddah Monroe and comedian Alex Mathenge.

Huddah reignited the “motherhood clock” discussion, advocating for prioritizing financial stability before welcoming children. Highlighting the age-defying advancements in fertility treatments, she urged women to choose parenthood thoughtfully, ensuring they can fully support and protect their offspring.

“Forget what they told us!” she declared. “Now you can have kids even at 50! But do it when you can truly care for them, not because the streets are full of kids needing food.”

However, Mathenge playfully threw a curveball, questioning Huddah’s own financial preparedness.

“How much has Huddah saved for her future kids?” he mused. “Imagine a kid being told, ‘Hold on, I gotta save first before you can be born!'”

He further challenged the notion of delaying parenthood solely for financial reasons. “If you find the right partner and feel ready to be parents, why wait?” he argued. “Whether you’re 23 or 45, if you’re a good match, grab the chance! You might only get one shot. Money always comes and goes, you can find it later.”

Mathenge painted a humorous picture of the potential pitfalls of prioritizing wealth over timely parenthood. Imagine, he jested, a middle-aged man wooing a young woman with promises of financial security in exchange for bearing his children.

This playful yet thought-provoking perspective adds a new layer to the ongoing debate. While Huddah champions responsible, planned parenthood, Mathenge emphasizes seizing opportunities and embracing partnership when the time feels right.

Ultimately, the decision to become a parent remains a deeply personal one, fueled by unique circumstances and individual values. Huddah and Mathenge’s contrasting views, however, spark a crucial conversation about priorities, timing, and the ever-evolving landscape of family planning.

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