‘Alilala Na Mtu Hajui’- Pastor Kanyari Speaks About Circumstance That Led To His Sister’s Recent Demise

Renowned Kenyan pastor Kanyari has finally shared his sentiments on the circumstance that led to the death of her younger sister Wahu Starlet.

The swift burial of socialite Starlet Wahu following her tragic murder on January 4th has sparked controversy online, particularly among Kenyans familiar with the customary week-long mourning period observed by the Kikuyu community. Wahu’s family laid her to rest on January 6th, just three days after the incident, prompting questions and speculation.

Adding to the confusion, Wahu hailed from a prominent religious family. Her mother, Prophetess Lucy Nduta, and brother, Pastor Victor Kanyari, are well-known figures in Kenya. With such a public background, the rapid burial has fueled debate about the family’s motivations for this quick ceremony.

Concerns range from potential attempts to avoid public scrutiny surrounding Wahu’s lifestyle and the circumstances of her death, to speculations about religious or cultural factors influencing the decision. Fans and netizens have expressed discomfort with the perceived departure from tradition, highlighting the importance of customary mourning rituals in the community.

Kanyari has now partially blamed Wahu for sleeping with someone she barely knew. He made his sentiments citing the evidence that the two had already gotten intimate after used condoms were found in their room & a HIV test kit.

According to Kanyari, Wahu was a party girl since her earlier years. He further stated that Wahu ‘hajaokoka’ and that’s why she got involved in alcoholism & other drugs.

It’s crucial to note that this is a sensitive topic and speculation should be treated with caution. Respecting the family’s privacy while encouraging open discussion about cultural practices and their evolution is paramount.

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