“Aliniambia anatumia bangi kwa starehe” Female detective tells court what Wema Sepetu confided in her

Wema Sepetu was back in court on Monday February 26th for the hearing of her drug case. The former beauty queen was arrested 0n February 3rd 2017 after she was found in possession of marijuana.

Wema’s case has been dragging in court for a year now. On Monday a female detective took the stand to testify against Wema Sepetu.

The detective only known as Mary told the court that Wema confided in her that she smokes weed for recreational purposes. Mary says Wema told her this when they were in a car as police were taking her back to her house to carry out more inspection.

Wema Sepetu when she appeared in court on Monday February 26th 2018

The detective further explains that Wema only confided in her she smokes weed for recreational purposes after she told her that they could charge her with drug peddling.

Wema together with her two employees were arrested with 1.08 grams of marijuana. Her case was postponed to March 12th and 13th.



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