“All black men cheat” Huddah Monroe names the only two things that would make her leave her future husband

Huddah Monroe asserts that she would NEVER leave her husband even if he cheats on her. The petite socialite says all black men must cheat.

Huddah’s revelation comes in the wake of a cheating scandal involving American basketball player Tristan Thompson and his reality TV partner Khloé Kardashian.

Tristan cheated on his pregnant sweetheart Khloé with multiple women. Khloé gave birth and ultimately forgave her cheating partner.

Two conditions

Huddah says wives who leave their black men because of cheating are stupid. The socialite says she would only leave her husband if he becomes broke and if he is poor in bed.

“If i ever get married, I’m not leaving my man coz he cheated …. I’ll leave him coz he is BROKE! And maybe coz he can’t F@CK! CHEATING? , Nah! No bitch alive can Make me leave my husband . WTF!

“ALL BLACK men cheat, i don’t know about whites … WTF! Is everyone on this Khloe Kardashian shiiitt like it’s a surprise. Karma or not , our black brothers can’t let a skirt pass. That’s why it’s too many Single mothers out here , esp in KENYA!” Wrote Huddah Monroe.


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