Aluta parties nearly ruined Size 8’s life

Image: Size 8 ordained as preacher

Gospel singer Size 8, also known as Mama Wambo, has opened up about her challenging journey as a student, revealing how her party lifestyle nearly jeopardized her scholarship to a prestigious international school.

In a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Size 8 reflected on her school days, beginning with her time at Statehouse Girls, which led to a life-changing scholarship opportunity at Hillcrest.

Coming from a humble background, her initial excitement at receiving the scholarship was soon met with a harsh reality check. The affluent environment of Hillcrest exposed her to a world of privilege far removed from her own, filled with students arriving in luxury cars and helicopters.

While holding onto her faith, Size 8 admitted to succumbing to the allure of the party scene, neglecting her studies and jeopardizing her academic standing. This wake-up call served as a turning point, prompting her to reprioritize and focus on her education.

However, her struggles didn’t end there. Unable to afford a scholarship opportunity to study in England due to financial constraints, Size 8 experienced a period of spiritual crisis, temporarily abandoning her faith.

Size 8’s story offers a powerful message of resilience and self-discovery. Despite facing numerous obstacles and temptations, she ultimately found her way back to her faith and embarked on a journey of self-improvement. Her experiences serve as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, demonstrating the importance of faith, hard work, and staying true to one’s values.

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