“Am D whipped” Huddah Monroe rejoices as she finally scores herself a rich boyfriend who is also a bedroom bully

Huddah Monroe has never been happier about a boyfriend before. The petite socialite has however been smitten with a man she recently met.

Huddah had such a wonderful time that she decided to talk about it on social media. The socialite has finally bagged herself a man who is all round.

She praised her new man for taking her to cloud nine. Huddah went into raptures about her new man because she claims he is a bedroom bully.

The good feeling of a lifetime

Huddah affirms that her new man is the ultimate bull. She says that the man gave her sexual satisfaction that is beyond comprehension.

“But i like this guy man! WTF man! Like my feeling, the D got my feeling some top of the way. For once am totally di** whipped man, i can’t even deny it man. The feeling is so strong like…” said Huddah.

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