Amani: Salvation also means a change in my wardrobe, I no longer wear revealing clothes 

Cecilia Wairimu popularly known as Amani has suffered wardrobe malfunction during her days in secular industry because of her love for short and revealing clothes.

Perhaps the memorable wardrobe malfunction for Amani was when she performed while she was not wearing any panties and she ended up flashing her private parts to the audience.


Wardrobe overhaul

Amani changed her wardrobe after giving her life to Christ. Three weeks ago, the sultry singer explained that her clothes represents who she is today when she attended Groove nomination dressed decently.

“My look for the groove nomination night.. Before I was born again I was used to short and sassy… but I had to re vamp my wardrobe to represent who I am today… I now prefer chic looks that are not too revealing,” said Amani.


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