Amazing transformation! Ben Kitili’s shocks many with photos showing her weight loss journey from 110 kgs to 70 kgs

Image: Amina Mude's new body

Ben Kitili’s wife, Amina Mude has been on a strict weight loss journey that has seen her loose 36 Kgs!

After welcoming her first child, back in 2015 Amina says she developed hypothyroidism that contributed to her sudden weight gain and also battle with depression.

Since then the lass has not only been focused on shedding her weight but also battled depression that normally attacks new mums; probably due to the fatigue and exhaustion.

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Thanks to a new clip shared on her page, Mrs Kitili shared a short clip which documented her weight loss journey; and truth is, the lovely lady has had a tremendous weight loss journey this past one year.

70Kgs I see you. Weight loss journey. From 110Kgs t0 70Kgs. CELEBRATING MY WEIGHT LOSS. It’s been one year since I started my weight loss journey! Am so proud of myself #weightlossjourney #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #celebratelife. Weight Loss Journey July, 13, 2019 (110Kgs) to July 13th, 2020 (74Kgs) #36Kgsdown.

Before meets after

As seen on the photos below, Mrs Kitili was definitely not joking when she decided to embark on her weight loss journey. Her before looks totally like a different person compared to the new photos showing the slimmer her – now that 36Kgs are gone.

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Just like Anerlisa Muigai…Amina Mude has been watching her diet and working out at the same time; a clear indication that determination and hard work always lead to a positive outcome.

Before meets after: Ben Kitili’s wife flaunts her new body
Mrs Kitili looking like fine wine after weight loss
Amina Mude’s new body

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