Amber Ray Advices Jimal To Fix His Family

Socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray has penned a piece of advise to her ex-lover, Jimal Roho Safi.

The curvy socialite has admonished Jimal to man up & try to fix his family.

Jimal has had a tumultuous time with his wife Amira, who left the businessman after he reportedly cheated on her with Amber Ray.

Jimal tried by hook and crook to get his wife back but his efforts ended in  cul de sac. Nothing seemed to be working. Amira is now single and taking care of their kids alone.

And this is what has worried Amber’s fans, who think she should intervene and help Jimal sort out his family issues.

Amber’s Advice

The exquisite socialite shared through an Instagram Q&A with her fans. One of her fans asked  to come back to his senses as a gentleman and fix his family.

Why do you pretend you don’t see Jamal is suffering? What did you give him?” posed one of her followers.

Amber Ray responded:

“He needs to be true to himself and (go) back and fix his family”

Amber and Jimal had an amicable relationship that lasted for months. After their fall-out, Amber has not been able to survive in any relationship for even a year. She has joined the likes of Lillian Muli, Betty Kyallo, Notiflow, for being unlucky when it comes to finding love and sticking to it.

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