Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo’s relationship is an act

It’s been a while since we heard from the newly engaged couple Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo, right? I mean they don’t seem to be making news like they used to – and I am thinking its because Amber Ray is now off the market and won’t be entertaining us like before.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

But again, Amber Ray remains undefeated as she has lately been showcashing her acting skills on social media and although she does this for marketing purposes – truth is the lady can act.

Well as seen on her latest post, Amber Ray seems to have featured Fiance, Kennedy Rapudo who plays the role of an insecure man watching his woman get some massage from a masseur and boy does he deliver the role.

Amber Ray getting married?

Relationship also an act?

With the two proving to be such good actors, there are are a few fans who have been dropping comments asking whether the relationship could also be an act….and I am thinking could it really be another project?

Well seeing that they had broken up after a few months of dating (keep in mind Amber Ray had just dumped Jimal at the time) and as soon as they got back,  Amber Ray’s sister announced about their engagement which the socialite later denied.

Amber Ray engaged

Weeks later Rapudo decided to propose to Amber Ray (that’s like after 5 months of dating on social media) and as soon as they got back from their birthday vacation….Amber Ray takes off her engagement ring claiming its too expensive….but if Rapudo could afford it, don’t you think he can replace it?

Anyway we can’t really judge but we also cant help but think….what if….what if they’re just taking us for a ride? Cause clearly Amber Ray taking off her engagement ring doesn’t make sense.

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