Amber Ray denies ditching Kennedy Rapudo for being too broke to pay rent

There have been rumors that Kennedy Rapundo’s failure to pay the rent caused Amber Ray and him to split up. Now that Amber’s desk has finally been approached by these rumors, she feels compelled to address them.

The mother of two has refuted that claim as the primary cause of their breakup. She gave an explanation on her Instagram stories, stating that their decision to split up was brought on by their disagreements. She goes on to say that although people speculate, their separation was real and not the result of clout chasing.

The social worker demonstrates that lack of money was not the cause, citing the fact that their current rent at each of their separate houses is higher than it was at their former home.

” Firstly, Ken and I separated because of our differences, not because we couldn’t keep our house afloat. And it was certainly a clout chase. I do not clout chase, especially not with personal matters. Despite most people already aware of what happened, it is still a private matter, and it is one that is being sorted out.

Second, the rent was never an issue. I moved out mid-month, and Ken did a while after. It would make no sense for him to stay in a 5-bedroom house alone. That said, the rent for both our current apartments combined far exceeds the rent we used to pay in that house. So, we never had arrears and were not kicked out.

I am not trying to justify myself, but I wouldn’t want to tarnish my reputation with false information online. And with all due respect people should mind their own business. So please have some grace and kindness, we are both human beings and have struggles just like anyone else.

The best thing to do is to have positive energy around you, and that is what I want to give and receive. In a world full of negativity and chaos, doing good to others goes a long way to making it easier. A lot can change in your life if you choose to put a smile on someone else’s face. So I hope that the positive energy I choose to give to everyone reflects back tenfold because God knows I need it.”

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